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Part number: PCB-0030
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About Fadal CPU Boards, 1400-5C:

Throughout the history of producing CNC Machines, Fadal had 5 versions of the CPU board. Each version can be identified by a dash number. The very first machine (VMC45) was compatible with 1400-1 board as well as the first few VMC40s. Similarly, the second-generation control board was the 1400-2 and each new revision was added as new INTEL microprocessors became available.

The CPU Board, 1400-5C, Part number PCB-0030, is the Central Processing Unit of the CNC control. These CPU boards came with 38Kb of battery backed memory which is used to store CNC Part Program, Tool Data – both Length and Diameter, Fixture Offset Data, SETUP parameters, and Backlash.  Later Fadal added 4mb, 8mb and 16 mb. of expanded memory.

The 1400-5C CPU board is designed to execute the part program by issuing commands to the other boards. It also monitors the inputs from the other boards and proceeds as required by program and external information.

This CPU board, the 1400-5C is the latest version which must be in slot #5 of the control card rack. The processor bus board connects the Computer Interface Board (1030-1C), the Video Graphics Board (1420-4A) and the CPU to complete the circuit. The CPU uses the Video Graphics to receive and process the video signal and the graphics.

On the other hand, the Program Module (1610-1) contains the control software and the Expanded Memory Boards that plug into the CPU Board are meant for expanding the memory; it can expand total memory up to 16 MB. Though it is not mandatory to add extended memory we recommend upgrading the memory for better and fast performance.

For this CPU, you can go for PCB-0041 for 384k, PCB-0042 for 4MB, PCB-0043 for 8MB or PCB-0044 for 16Mb. For the old 1400-5A, the upgrade is possible only with the PCB-0041. It can be upgraded to a 1400-5C by changing the crystal from 50mhz. to 48mhz and then you can use the PCB-0042 for 4MB, PCB-0043 for 8MB or PCB-0044 for 16Mb.

It is also recommended to use the ITS USB Mass Storage Device in all versions of the CPU Control. 

Safety Information:

There are some safety measures to maintain when performing maintenance or service on computers and/or its components. First step of installation or any maintenance work on the CPU and its components is to go through the instruction manual or safety and operating instructions provided by Fadal. To avoid any kind of malfunction or personal injury, use only brand certified products. It is always good to go for qualified service personnel to diagnose and repair your Fadal VMC Machine. Another important thing is to disconnect all power to the machine before adding upgrade kits or replacing parts.

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Feature and Benefits:

This CPU Board, 1400-5C (part number PCB-0030) for the Fadal CNC88 (HS) control has two component connections, such as 1. The software module (PCB-0159) required for operation and 2. The optional memory upgrade. With this board, your control will  have the best speed and performance that is desired.

Fadal CPU Board, 1400-5C is always the best choice when possible The CPU board is a true evidence of the original design and production of the Fadal CNC hardware and software. We can assure that these boards - from the component level to the requirements for thoroughly testing all are up to the highest standard that ITS provides.

Certified by I-T-S the Original Circuit Board Test and Repair Supplier for Fadal Engineerring since 1992.

For more information on Fadal PCBA's and Circuit Board  Repair Click Here

New One Year Warranty
Reman 6 Month Warranty
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