1330 Dual Arm (DATC)

Dual Arm Tool Changer, DATC, 1330-1D, 24 Tool

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Fadal 1330-1D Dual Arm Tool Changer DATC

The DATC, PCB-0317, 1330-1D,  is a PCB that plays a huge role in the operation of your Dual Arm Tool Changer. This critical component serves as the control center in performing seamless tool changes, ensuring your machining processes are accurate

Choose the DATC, 1330-1D, the latest version available for your  Fadal CNC machine.

DATC, 1330-1D, 24 Tool Dual Arm Tool Changer

The DATC, 1330-1D’s dual-arm (PCB-0317) design allows for a dynamic dance of tool exchanges, enabling your machine to effortlessly switch between 24 tools, expanding the versatility of your operations.


The DATC, 1330-1D, coordinates the intricate movement of tools, optimizing your CNC machine's performance. Its ability to swiftly and precisely grab and deploy tools minimizes downtime, maximizing the efficiency of your machining processes.

Warranty Assurance

You can invest in this product with confidence. The new DATC, 1330-1D, comes with a robust one-year warranty. This warranty is not just a safety net, it is a testament to the durability and quality of this tool changer, ensuring sustained performance over an extended period.

Fadal CNC Machine Replacement Part

Designed specifically for Fadal CNC machines, the DATC, 1330-1D, seamlessly integrates into your system. 

Why Choose the DATC, 1330-1D, from ITSCNC

Made specifically as a replacement PCB for Fadal CNC machines, this tool changer is precision personified, ensuring a seamless fit and optimal performance. On top of that, our warranty isn't just a document, it's a commitment to your satisfaction and the reliability of our products.

Our Support At ITSCNC

From installation to ongoing support, our experts are here to assist you when purchasing a Fadal Dual Arm Tool Changer or any other Fadal CNC replacement tool, ensuring you get the most out of your CNC machine. At ITSCNC, we don't just provide parts such as Fadal Circuit Boards, we provide solutions to elevate your machining experience.

For help troubleshooting your board, print the diagram of the board in the picture below.

Fill it out and send it to us to help you troubleshoot at parts@itscnc.com DATC TROUBLESHOOTING SHEET


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WarrantyNew One Year Warranty
Reman 6 Month Warranty
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New One Year Warranty
Reman 6 Month Warranty
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