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Wire Harness, AC Brushless Power, Rosebox, X Axis, 6030

Part number: WIR-0569
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Product Overview

The Wire Harness, AC Brushless Power, Rosebox, X Axis, also known as Part Number: WIR-0569, is a crucial component for the 6030 Fadal CNC Machines. This genuine OEM replacement part ensures your machine operates at peak efficiency. Designed to meet the exact specifications of your equipment, it guarantees seamless integration and reliable performance, making it a vital part for maintaining the operational integrity of your CNC machine.


Usage of WIR-0569

The Wire Harness, AC Brushless Power, Rosebox, X Axis, 6030 is integral to connecting the power components within the X axis of your CNC machine's AC brushless system. It ensures that electrical power is delivered consistently and efficiently to the necessary parts, supporting smooth and precise machine movements. This harness is essential for the proper functioning of the X axis, which is critical for the accuracy of machining operations.


Functionality in CNC Machines

In the 6030 Fadal CNC Machines, the Fadal Wire Harness, AC Brushless Power, Rosebox, X Axis, 6030 manages the power distribution to the X axis. The WIR-0569 Wire Harness plays a pivotal role in this system by ensuring that power is transmitted effectively to the motor and other key components. This enables precise and reliable movements of the X axis, which is crucial for maintaining the high accuracy and efficiency that Fadal CNC machines are known for.



The WIR-0569 Wire Harness is specifically designed for the 6030 Fadal CNC Machines, ensuring perfect compatibility. As an OEM part, it is manufactured to the precise standards set by Fadal, guaranteeing a perfect fit and optimal performance. This compatibility minimizes installation issues and ensures that the harness integrates seamlessly with your existing equipment, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity.


Warranty Information

Purchasing the WIR-0569 Wire Harness from ITSCNC’s official website comes with a 90-day warranty. This warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship, providing assurance of the product’s quality and reliability. The 90-day warranty reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction and our confidence in the durability of our replacement parts.


ITSCNC Support Services

At ITSCNC, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer support. Our team of experts is available to answer any questions you may have about the WIR-0569 Wire Harness or any other CNC replacement parts. We are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your CNC machine by providing knowledgeable advice and prompt assistance.


Why Choose ITSCNC For Fadal Cables & Wire Harnesses

ITSCNC is a reputable supplier of Fadal CNC replacement parts, known for our dedication to quality and customer service. Our genuine OEM parts, like the WIR-0569 Wire Harness, are sourced and manufactured to the highest standards. Choosing ITSCNC means you are getting reliable parts that meet the stringent requirements of your Fadal CNC machine, ensuring long-term performance and satisfaction.


Years of Experience

With extensive experience in the CNC machine industry, ITSCNC has a profound understanding of Fadal machines and their specific needs. Our expertise allows us to provide high-quality parts and exceptional service, ensuring that you receive the right components for your machine. Our years of experience translate into trusted advice and support for all your CNC machine requirements.


Fadal Wire Harnesses - Always Available

ITSCNC maintains a comprehensive inventory of Fadal replacement parts, including the WIR-0569 Wire Harness. We understand the importance of having the right parts available when you need them. Our commitment to stock availability ensures that you can keep your CNC machine running with minimal downtime. We offer prompt shipping to get you the parts you need quickly and efficiently.

The WIR-0569 Wire Harness, AC Brushless Power, Rosebox, X Axis, is an essential component for 6030 Fadal CNC Machines. Its role in ensuring efficient power distribution and reliable X axis performance makes it a critical part for maintaining your machine's precision and efficiency. With ITSCNC’s high-quality OEM replacement parts, comprehensive support, and extensive industry experience, you can trust that your CNC machine will continue to operate at its best.

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90 Day Warranty
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