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Wire Harness, AC Brushless A/B Axis - Control

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Product Overview

The Fadal Wire Harness Control AC Brushless A/B Axis, labeled as WIR-0664, serves as a pivotal component in Fadal CNC machines. 

Specifically designed to manage the A/B axis, it's an integral part of the system that ensures smooth and precise movements during machining tasks. As a genuine OEM replacement part available through ITSCNC, it guarantees compatibility and reliability.

Usage Of WIR-0664

The Wire Harness WIR-0664 is purpose-built to control the A/B axis components within Fadal CNC machines. Its primary function is to establish a seamless connection between the machine's control system and the moving parts of the A/B axis. By transmitting electrical signals accurately, it facilitates precise coordination and movement, essential for achieving accurate machining results.

Functionality in CNC Machines

In CNC machines, the Wire Harness WIR-0664 serves as the communication bridge between the control system and the A/B axis components. It enables the control system to send commands for precise positioning and movement of the A/B axis, ensuring that machining operations are executed with accuracy and efficiency. 

Without this harness, the coordination between the control system and axis components would be compromised, leading to errors and inefficiencies in machining processes.

Warranty - Wire Harness, AC Brushless A/B Axis - Control

When purchasing the Wire Harness WIR-0664 from ITSCNC, customers benefit from a robust 90-day warranty. This warranty provides coverage for any defects or malfunctions that may occur during the specified period, offering customers peace of mind and assurance of product quality. In the unlikely event of a warranty claim, customers can rely on ITSCNC's dedicated support team for prompt assistance and resolution.

ITSCNC Support Services

For additional assistance or inquiries regarding the Wire Harness WIR-0664, customers can reach out to ITSCNC's support team at 800-342-3475. Our knowledgeable representatives are available to provide comprehensive support and guidance, addressing any questions or concerns promptly and effectively. We are committed to ensuring a positive customer experience and satisfaction.

Why Choose ITSCNC For Fadal Cables and Wire Harnesses

ITSCNC stands out as the preferred choice for replacement parts due to our unwavering commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. With a vast inventory of genuine OEM parts, including the Wire Harness WIR-0664, we ensure that customers receive top-notch products and exceptional service. Our reputation for excellence and reliability sets us apart in the industry, making us the trusted partner for all replacement part needs.

Years of Experience

With years of experience in the CNC machining industry, ITSCNC possesses the expertise and knowledge to meet the diverse needs of customers effectively. Our extensive experience enables us to understand the intricacies of CNC machines and provide tailored solutions that exceed expectations. We leverage our industry insights and technical know-how to deliver superior products and services to our valued customers.

Fadal Wire Harnesses - Always Available

At ITSCNC, we prioritize the availability of Fadal replacement parts to support the uninterrupted operation of CNC machines. By maintaining a comprehensive inventory, including the Wire Harness WIR-0664, we ensure that customers can access the parts they need precisely when they need them. Our commitment to availability and reliability ensures minimal downtime and maximizes productivity for our customers.

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Warranty90 Day Warranty
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Wire Harness, AC Brushless A/B Axis - Control
90 Day Warranty
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