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NSK Thrust Bearings, Matched Set for VMC6030/8030

Part number: BRG-0025
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NSK Bearing Block Bearings, Matched Set, VMC6030/8030

Elevate the performance of your VMC6030/8030 Fadal CNC Machines with our NSK Thrust Bearings—a carefully designed Matched Set that ensures seamless coordination for enhanced precision and reliability in machining tasks.


Manufactured by NSK, a renowned bearing expert, the BRG-0025 is a set of Thrust Bearings that function in harmony, optimizing the overall efficiency of your CNC machinery. They excel at managing axial loads, crucial for maintaining stability during various machining operations.


Originating from NSK, a reputable name in quality bearings, these Fadal Bearings & Kits stand out as a Matched Set, meticulously engineered for optimal performance and longevity.


The straightforward installation process ensures quick integration into your CNC machinery, minimizing downtime and maximizing the operational benefits of these precision bearings.

Usage of BRG-0025

In CNC Machines, NSK Thrust Bearings, Matched Set for VMC6030/8030 are essential components responsible for managing axial loads generated by the cutting forces.

Specifically designed for VMC6030/8030 Fadal CNC Machines, these bearings facilitate smooth and precise motion along the axial direction. Whether it's heavy-duty cutting or intricate detailing, Thrust Bearings play a pivotal role in ensuring that the axial forces are evenly distributed, contributing to the stability and accuracy of the machining process.

ITS Support Services

Rely on our dedicated support to guide you through the integration process, ensuring these Thrust Bearings seamlessly enhance the functionality of your CNC machinery.

Warranty Information

For added confidence, these Fadal Bearing Block VMC6030/8030 Bearings Matched Set come with a 90 Day Warranty, underscoring our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Why Choose ITSCNC

Choose ITSCNC for precision-engineered components that elevate the capabilities of your CNC machinery. Our NSK Thrust Bearings, with dedicated support, a warranty, and superior features, exemplify our commitment to providing top-notch solutions for your machining needs.

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90 Day Warranty

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90 Day Warranty

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