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NSK Ballscrew, Z-Axis 28", VMC15-4020, Inch Pitch

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NSK Ballscrew, For Fadal Z-Axis 28", VMC15-4020, Inch

The NSK Ballscrew Z-Axis 28" VMC15-4020 in a CNC machine is a component that manages the up-and-down motion of the cutting tool. It employs a 28-inch ballscrew to precisely control vertical movement. This mechanism allows the CNC machine to execute cuts or shaping at various depths.

Features Of The BLS-0001N

The Z-Axis Ballscrew plays an important role in CNC machines. Its primary function involves controlling the tool's vertical movement with precision, ensuring accurate depth adjustments during cutting or shaping processes. The prominent feature is the utilization of a ballscrew mechanism, a 28-inch-long screw-like component, to facilitate this controlled motion. Notably, the absence of a coolant system means it doesn't rely on liquid cooling during operation. This straightforward configuration allows for efficient and reliable vertical adjustments in CNC machining without the complexity of additional coolant systems.


In Fadal CNC Machines, the NSK Ballscrew, Z-Axis 28", VMC15-4020, Inch Pitch is integral for precision vertical tool movement. Utilizing a ballscrew mechanism, it ensures accurate depth control during cutting or shaping processes, enhancing the machining capabilities of Fadal CNC systems.


The BLS-0001N, purchased from ITSCNC, includes a robust one-year warranty. This warranty, lasting for 12 months from the date of purchase, ensures protection against any defects in materials or workmanship. Customers can trust ITSCNC's commitment to quality and reliable support during the first year of product ownership.

Support We Offer For Fadal Ballscrews, Assemblies, And Parts

At ITSCNC, our dedicated support for the BLS-0001N is comprehensive. We provide expert assistance, troubleshooting, and guidance to ensure optimal performance. Count on our responsive support team to address inquiries and enhance your experience with the product.

Why ITSCNC For Fadal Replacement Parts?

Choose ITSCNC for Fadal CNC Replacement Parts for unparalleled quality and expertise. Our extensive inventory ensures swift availability, and our products are precision-engineered for seamless integration. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, we offer reliable support, ensuring your Fadal CNC machine operates at peak performance.

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New, One Year Warranty

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