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Bearing Mount, X Axis; 6030/8030

Part number: BLS-0526
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Fadal Bearing Mount, X Axis; 6030/8030

The Bearing Mount, X Axis; 6030/8030 serves as a critical component, functioning as a pivotal support element within the machinery. Its primary role is to provide stability and controlled movement to the X Axis, facilitating the precision required in CNC machining operations.


Tailored specifically for the X Axis in 6030 and 8030 Fadal CNC Machines, this replacement Bearing Mount is designed to seamlessly integrate into the existing machinery. Compatibility is a key consideration, allowing for a straightforward installation process without the need for extensive modifications.

Functionality of BLS-0526

As an integral part of the X Axis assembly, the Bearing Mount enables and supports controlled movement. It acts as a stabilizing force, ensuring that the X Axis moves precisely as needed during various machining processes. This controlled movement is essential for achieving the accuracy and reliability required in CNC machining.

Warranty Options

When acquiring the Ballscrew Bearing Mount X Axis 6030/8030 from our website, users have the option to choose between a New unit with a 1-Year Warranty or a Remanufactured unit with a 6-Month Warranty. These warranty options provide users with a level of assurance regarding the performance and longevity of the component, aligning with their specific needs and preferences.

Support and Maintenance

Comprehensive support services are available to assist users in the installation and maintenance of the Bearing Mount. Whether users require guidance on the initial setup or encounter issues during operation, our support team is dedicated to providing the necessary assistance to ensure the smooth functioning of the X Axis.

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New: 1 Year Warranty.

Remanufactured: 6 Months Warranty.

Repair PriceNo

New: 1 Year Warranty.

Remanufactured: 6 Months Warranty.

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