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Ballscrew, Z-Axis, 3020/4525 Metric, Steinmeyer

Part number: BLS-0251S
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Ballscrew, Z-Axis, 3020/4525 Metric, Steinmeyer

The Ballscrew, Z-Axis, 3020/4525 Metric, Steinmeyer units, is a vital part for CNC machines. It helps the tool move up and down accurately. Made by Steinmeyer, a trusted brand, this precision-engineered component ensures the machine works precisely. Its design focuses on maintaining efficiency without extra promotional words. The Ballscrew is crucial for keeping CNC machines operating smoothly and accurately, providing a reliable solution for vertical tool movement.

Importance Of BLS-0251S

A well-functioning Ballscrew, Z-Axis, 3020/4525 Metric, Steinmeyer, is crucial for a CNC machine's accuracy. It enables precise vertical tool movement, ensuring the machine operates smoothly. This reliable component is essential for maintaining precision in various machining tasks and upholding the overall efficiency of the CNC machine.


The Ballscrew, Z-Axis, 3020/4525 Metric, Steinmeyer from ITSCNC and has a reliable one-year warranty. This warranty assures the product's quality, giving customers confidence in their purchase and support for one year from the acquisition date.

Steinmeyer - BLS-0251S

Steinmeyer is a renowned manufacturer of ballscrew. They are the engineers behind the BLS-0251S, a Z-Axis Ballscrew measuring 3020/4525 metric units. Their commitment to quality makes them a trusted maker for CNC replacement parts. The Steinmeyer Ballscrew ensures accurate vertical tool movement in CNC machines, reflecting the brand's dedication to producing reliable components that meet the technical demands of precision machining without relying on promotional language.

Support We Offer

At ITSCNC, our commitment goes beyond the purchase. We provide prompt technical assistance for Fadal Ballscrews, Assemblies & Parts like the Steinmeyer Z-Axis Ballscrew, ensuring a smooth experience. You can count on ITSCNC when it comes to addressing inquiries and offering guidance to keep your CNC machine operating seamlessly.


ITSCNC is your reliable source for quality components like the Ballscrew Z-Axis 3020/4525 Metric. With a focus on precision and durability, we offer components tailored for specific CNC machines. Trust ITSCNC for reliable replacement parts that adhere to technical specifications without promotional language.

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New, One Year Warranty

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New, One Year Warranty

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