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Ballscrew, X-Axis, 8030 Inch, Steinmeyer

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Ballscrew, X-Axis, 8030 Inch, Steinmeyer

The BLS-0073S X-Axis Ballscrew is a key component in Fadal CNC machines, driving horizontal movement with precision. The X-Axis is responsible for side-to-side motion, crucial for intricate machining tasks. Made by Steinmeyer, a reputable manufacturer, this Ballscrew ensures accurate positioning, facilitating seamless operations in various CNC applications.


The Ballscrew, X-Axis, 8030 Inch, Steinmeyer operates by converting rotary motion into linear movement. When the CNC machine commands lateral motion, the Ballscrew translates this directive, precisely positioning the X-Axis. This facilitates intricate machining processes, as the precision of the Ballscrew ensures accurate and repeatable side-to-side movements. And its length provides an extensive range of travel, making it suitable for diverse CNC applications requiring substantial horizontal reach.


Purchase the Ballscrew, X-Axis, 8030 Inch, Steinmeyer, BLS-0073S from ITSCNC, and enjoy a one-year warranty. We stand behind our products, providing support in case of any issues within the warranty period. Your satisfaction and the reliable performance of your CNC machine are our priorities.


When you choose ITSCNC, you benefit from dedicated support for the Steinmeyer X-Axis Ballscrew. Our expert team is ready to assist with technical inquiries, troubleshooting, or any guidance you may need. We're committed to ensuring your CNC machining experience is seamless, backed by responsive and effective support throughout the life of the product.


Opt for ITSCNC when selecting the Ballscrew, X-Axis, 8030 Inch, Steinmeyer for your CNC machine and other Fadal Ballscrews, Assemblies & Parts. We prioritize precision and quality, providing a product that meets rigorous standards. With a one-year warranty and responsive support, ITSCNC ensures a reliable and satisfying experience. 

Trust us for dependable performance, top-notch products, and a commitment to your machining success.

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New, One Year Warranty

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