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NSK Ballscrew, X-Axis, 3016 Inch, No Coolant Thru

Part number: BLS-0186
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NSK Ballscrew, X-Axis, 3016 Inch, No Coolant Thru

The NSK Ballscrew, X-Axis, 3016 Inch, No Coolant Thru is a replacement part that we offer for Fadal CNC Machines. Made by NSK, the BLS-0186 ensures precise horizontal tool movement, adhering to stringent technical specifications. Its construction, featuring precision-ground components, prioritizes durability and reliable performance, making it integral to sustaining the operational efficiency of Fadal CNC Machines in environments where additional coolant flow is not required.


The BLS-0186 is a precision component that facilitates precise horizontal tool movement, translating rotational motion into accurate linear positioning. Its significance lies in maintaining the CNC machine's accuracy and reliability.The exclusion of coolant through simplifies its use in scenarios where additional coolant is unnecessary, catering to diverse machining needs without compromising on performance or durability.


The NSK Ballscrew, X-Axis, 3016 Inch, No Coolant Thru is pivotal in Fadal CNC Machines, driving precise horizontal tool movement. This component ensures the accurate positioning of the cutting tool, contributing to the overall efficiency of CNC machining operations. Its tailored design without coolant makes it suitable for applications where coolant is not essential. The NSK X-Axis Ballscrew plays a critical role in achieving optimal performance in Fadal CNC Machines, supporting various machining tasks with precision and reliability.


The NSK X-Axis Ballscrew, when purchased from our website, comes with a reliable one-year warranty provided by NSK. This warranty underscores NSK's commitment to the quality and performance of their product, offering customers assurance and support for a duration of one year from the date of purchase.

NSK - The Maker Of This Product

NSK, a precision engineering leader, crafts the X-Axis Ballscrew, spanning 3016 inches. Designed for Fadal CNC Machines, this critical component ensures precise horizontal tool movement. NSK's commitment to quality and precision engineering establishes them as a trusted maker for CNC replacement parts.


ITSCNC stands out for sourcing quality components like the NSK X-Axis Ballscrew. With a focus on precision and durability, we offer reliable replacement parts for Fadal CNC Machines. Trust ITSCNC for components that adhere to technical specifications without the use of promotional language.

The Support We Offer

At ITSCNC, our support extends beyond the sale. We provide technical assistance promptly for products like the NSK X-Axis Ballscrew and other Fadal Ballscrews, Assemblies & Parts. Count on us for a seamless experience, addressing inquiries and offering guidance to ensure your CNC machine runs smoothly.

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New, One Year Warranty

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New, One Year Warranty

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