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NSK Ballscrew Assembly, Z-Axis 28", VMC15-4020, Inch Pitch

Part number: BLS-0001N-ASS
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NSK Ballscrew Assembly

NSK is the  the world's leading Ball Screw Maunufacturer with offices, warehouses and factories in Michigan Wisconson, Indiana and California.

Their outstanding production and quality control techniques were developed through cutting-edge tribology (friction control technology). The rate of defective NSK Ball Screws is .00001 They never come back under warranty because of a defect.

ITS (Independent Technology Service) has the largest inventory and offers a complete selection of Ball Screws for all Fadal CNC Machines.
Look under Specifications for more informtion on NSK Ballscrews.

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New, One Year Warranty

Repair PriceNo

NSK Ball screw basics

Ball screw performance is measured by accuracy grade, screw shaft diameter, lead and stroke.

Accuracy grade is usually specific to a given application, ranging from C0 to C5 in ground-series ball screws. All of the NSK Ball Screws we stock are Grade C5 only.

Another parameter to help identify ball screw performance is screw shaft diameter — a geometry that ultimately depends on an application’s allowable space and the application’s force requirements.

Lead is the distance the nut travels linearly for a 360° rotation of the shaft.

Stroke is the final parameter of measurement, and it is defined as the allowable distance traveled along the length of the screw shaft.

NSK Ballscrews and Assemblies are desiginated with an "N" in the part number.

Steinmeyrer Ballscrews and Assemblies are desiginated with an "S" in the part number.

17 Step Inspection Procedure on every Ballscrew.

Lowest Backlash

Manufactured in the USA (Franklin Indiana). '

NSK is the highest quality Ballscrew on the market with a rating of C5.

New, One Year Warranty

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