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NSK Ballscrew Assembly, Z-Axis, 6030/8030 Inch.

Part number: BLS-0021N-ASS
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NSK Ballscrew Assembly, Z-Axis, 6030/8030 Inch

The NSK Ballscrew Assembly in Fadal CNC Machines, known as the Z-Axis 6030/8030 Inch, plays a crucial role in controlling the vertical movement of the machine's cutting tool. This assembly uses a type of screw mechanism with balls to smoothly move the tool up and down. This precise movement is essential for accurate milling operations, ensuring that the tool follows the intended path with high accuracy.

Usage In Fadal CNC Machines 

In Fadal CNC Machines, the NSK Ballscrew Assembly, Z-Axis, 6030/8030 Inch., facilitates precise vertical movement of the cutting tool. Using a specialized screw mechanism with balls, it ensures accuracy in milling operations. This component plays a vital role in maintaining the machine's precision, contributing to the overall quality and reliability of the CNC milling process.

NSK - The Maker Of BLS-0021N-ASS

NSK, the manufacturer of the Ballscrew Assembly, is a renowned company specializing in precision engineering and manufacturing products like the BLS-0021N-ASS. With a global reputation for quality, NSK ensures the reliability and precision of components like the Ballscrew, vital in Fadal CNC Machines.


The NSK Ballscrew Assembly, Z-Axis 6030/8030 Inch, typically comes with a new, one-year warranty. This warranty provides coverage for any potential manufacturing defects or issues within the initial year of use, offering assurance to users of the product's reliability.

Support for NSK Ballscrews at ITSCNC

At ITSCNC, we offer robust support for NSK Ballscrews. Our team provides prompt assistance, ensuring a smooth experience. From technical guidance to issue resolution, we're committed to delivering comprehensive support throughout the lifecycle of your NSK Ballscrew.

Why Choose ITSCNC For Fadal Ballscrews, Assemblies & Parts?

ITSCNC stands out for Fadal Replacement Parts and Fadal Ballscrews, Assemblies & Parts due to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Our parts, including NSK Ballscrews, are reliable and high-quality. With ITSCNC, you benefit from top-notch components and exceptional customer support, ensuring a seamless experience for your CNC machining needs.


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WarrantyNew, One Year Warranty
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New, One Year Warranty
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