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NSK Ballscrew Assembly, Y-Axis, 2216, 3016 Metric

Part number: BLS-0029N-ASS
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NSK Ballscrew Assembly for Fadal CNC Y-Axis (2216, 3016 Metric)

The NSK Ballscrew Assembly is a crucial part for the Y-Axis in Fadal CNC machines, specifically for 2216 and 3016 Metric applications. This part is all about making sure your Fadal CNC Machine moves just right.

Precision Engineering for Accuracy

The BLS-0029N-ASS assembly is made with careful attention to detail, ensuring it works perfectly within the tight tolerances required by Fadal CNC machines. This precision helps the machine do its job accurately.

Strong Build for Long-lasting Performance

Built with tough materials, the assembly is strong and durable, handling the demanding conditions of CNC machining without a problem. It lasts long and keeps performing well.

Smooth Movements with Low Friction

Thanks to small balls in the design, the assembly moves smoothly with minimal friction. This helps the Fadal CNC machine work seamlessly, making operations smoother.

Made to Fit Fadal CNC Machines

Designed specifically for Fadal CNC machines with 2216 and 3016 Metric applications, the NSK Ballscrew Assembly fits perfectly. It's like a custom-made piece to ensure everything works well together.

One Year Warranty for Confidence

When you get the NSK Ballscrew Assembly from ITSCNC, you have the security of a One Year Warranty. This means we stand by the quality of our product, giving you confidence in your purchase.

Friendly Support for Fadal CNC Parts

At ITSCNC, our friendly team is here to help with any questions or issues you have with the NSK Ballscrew Assembly or any other Fadal CNC parts. We're dedicated to making sure you're happy and your Fadal CNC machine works great.

Why Choose ITSCNC for Fadal CNC Parts

Picking ITSCNC means getting top-notch Fadal CNC parts, along with helpful support that understands Fadal CNC machines. We're committed to providing you with exactly what you need for your Fadal CNC machine to work at its best.

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WarrantyNew, One Year Warranty
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New, One Year Warranty
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