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Glentek Servo Turret Motor, w/Encoder

Part number: MTR-0144
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Glentek Servo Turret Motor, w/Encoder

Choosing the Glentek Servo Turret Motor with Encoder for your Fadal CNC Machine ensures a robust and dependable solution for turret system operations. With its dedicated compatibility with the Fadal PCB-0108 Servo Turret Amplifier, this replacement part is tailored to meet the specific requirements of Fadal machinery. The MTR-0144, is a dedicated replacement part designed for Fadal CNC Machines. This DC Servo Turret Motor is specifically engineered to work seamlessly with the Fadal PCB-0108 Servo Turret Amplifier, ensuring optimal compatibility and performance.

Compatibility and Usage

For effective utilization of the MTR-0144, it is recommended to pair it with the Fadal PCB-0108 Servo Turret Amplifier. This strategic combination enhances the overall functionality of the turret system in Fadal CNC Machines. The motor's encoder adds precision to turret positioning, contributing to accurate tool changes during machining operations.


The Fadal Glentek SERVO TURRET Motor excels in delivering precise and swift turret movements, crucial for efficient tool changes during CNC machining. Its encoder ensures accurate positioning, contributing to the overall precision and reliability of the Fadal CNC Machine's turret system.


The MTR-0144 comes with a substantial One Year Limited Warranty, providing customers with confidence in the durability and reliability of this servo turret motor. This warranty underscores the commitment to quality and customer satisfaction at ITSCNC.

Support at ITSCNC

ITSCNC goes beyond providing top-notch products, it offers robust customer support to address queries, guide installations, and ensure a smooth customer experience. The knowledgeable and responsive support team is dedicated to assisting customers throughout their journey with ITSCNC products.

Why Choose ITSCNC

ITSCNC stands out as the preferred choice for Fadal CNC Machine replacement parts like Axis, Rotary & Turret Motors due to its commitment to authenticity, quality, and customer-centric service. With a wide range of genuine components and a reputation for reliability, choosing ITSCNC ensures a seamless integration of replacement parts into your CNC machinery.

For a seamless experience and peace of mind, trust ITSCNC for genuine replacement parts, backed by warranties, and designed to optimize the performance of your Fadal CNC Machine.

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One Year Limited Warranty

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Use this DC Servo Turret Motor with Fadal PCB-0108 Servo Turret Amplifier.

One Year Limited Warranty

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