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Baldor (ABB) AC, Z-Axis Motor, 8192 Line with Brake

Part number: MTR-0350
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Baldor (ABB) AC, Z-Axis Motor, MTR-0350, 8192 Line with Brake

The Fadal Motor Part Number MTR-0350 is used on machines that do not have a counter weight but instead use a brake on the motor. It uses the sames amplifiers as the motors without a brake.

Baldor (ABB) AC, Z-Axis Motor, 8192 Line with brake. Use AMP-0040 with this motor.

Functionality and Uniqueness

Unlike traditional motors, the MTR-0350 boasts a brushless design, ensuring prolonged operational life by reducing the risk of overheating. The integrated brake functionality further enhances control, enabling precise stops and starts for intricate machining tasks. Its unique features make it a standout choice for those seeking durability and precision in their CNC operations.


Designed to complement the ITS AMP-0040 Brushless AC Amplifier, the MTR-0350 ensures optimal compatibility, creating a powerful duo that elevates the efficiency of your CNC machine.


Rest assured with the One Year Limited Warranty that accompanies the Baldor (ABB) AC, Z-Axis Motor, 8192 Line with Brake.

ITSCNC Support

At ITSCNC, we go beyond just selling Baldor (ABB) AC, Z-Axis Motor, 8192 Line with brake Our dedicated support team is committed to assisting you with installation and addressing any queries or concerns related to your CNC machine parts. We provide comprehensive support for Fadal Axis, Rotary & Turret Motors to ensure your CNC operations run smoothly.

Why Choose Us

Choose ITSCNC for your CNC machine replacement parts like the Fadal Baldor AC Axis Motor 8192 Line with Brake, because we prioritize quality, precision, and customer satisfaction. With a vast selection of genuine Fadal OEM parts and expert support, we are your reliable partner in achieving optimal CNC machining performance.

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WarrantyOne Year Limited Warranty
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One Year Limited Warranty
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