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About CAT40 Retension Ring Tool Clip

Explore the CAT40 Tool Clip, identified by Part Number ATC-0028 a Genuine Fadal OEM tool changer part designed to enhance the functionality of your CNC system. Specifically, the ATC-0028 serves as the Tool Retention Ring, crucial for securing tools onto the Turret Carrier (ATC-0009).

Key Functionality

The ATC-0028 Tool Retention Ring plays a vital role in the seamless operation of your CNC system. Functioning as the clip that attaches to the Turret Carrier, it ensures the secure retention of tools during machining processes. Each tool is held securely in place by these Tool Retention Rings, with one clip dedicated to each tool.

Compatibility with Fadal CNC Machines

As a Genuine Fadal OEM tool changer part, the ATC-0028 is intricately crafted to align with Fadal CNC machinery. This ensures a precise fit and seamless integration, maintaining the high standards set by Fadal Engineering.

Warranty Assurance

To provide assurance of the reliability of the ATC-0028, we offer a 90 Day Warranty. This warranty coverage reflects our confidence in the quality of this Genuine Fadal OEM tool clip, offering you peace of mind during its initial use.

Installation and Utilization

The installation of the Fadal CAT40 ATC Tool Clip is straightforward, and its utilization simplifies the tool-changing process in your CNC system. Each Tool Retention Ring contributes to the efficient and secure retention of tools within the Turret Carrier, optimizing the overall functionality of your CNC operations.

Support and Inquiry

Should you have any inquiries regarding the installation, functionality, or compatibility of the ATC-0028 CAT40 Tool Clip with your Fadal CNC machine, our dedicated support team at ITSCNC is ready to assist you. We prioritize providing clear information and guidance to ensure a smooth experience with this Genuine Fadal OEM tool changer part.

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Warranty90 Day Warranty
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90 Day Warranty
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