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ATC Slide Motor, 29 RPM, Bison

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Fadal ATC Slide Motor MTR-0275

The MTR-0275 gear motor is the powerhouse behind your CNC machine's tool changer. Using a belt mechanism, it guides the tool changer to and from the spindle with precision. 

Key Features of Fadal ATC Slide Motor 29 RPM Bison

The MTR-0275's belt-driven mechanism ensures precise tool changes, contributing to the overall efficiency of your CNC machine. Tailored for tool changer systems, it optimizes the tool-changing process, minimizing downtime and enhancing machining performance.

Limited One-Year Warranty

The Fadal ATC Slide Motor 29 RPM Bison comes with an assured one-year warranty, emphasizing our confidence in the MTR-0275's quality and durability. 

Why Connect Before Purchase? 

Our team offers tailored advice based on your CNC machine's unique requirements. Also, it’s worth noting that the tool changer system involves multiple components, and our experts can identify any potential compatibility concerns. Remember, every CNC setup is distinct, and we provide personalized recommendations to ensure the MTR-0275 integrates seamlessly.

Ensure your CNC machine hits the right notes with the precision of the MTR-0275 gear motor. Contact us before purchasing Fadal Axis, Rotary & Turret Motors for personalized guidance and a seamless tool-changing experience.

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New One Year Warranty.

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New One Year Warranty.

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