Core Return Policy

AA CORE is defined as a used or broken part, capable of being repaired at a reasonable cost as determined by Independent Technology Service Inc. A credit is given to parts specific and defined by us.  Upon receipt of the part and it is determined by us to be repairable, we will issue a Core Credit for the amount determined at the initial sale of the replacement product.

Core returns not considered repairable by us will either be returned or destroyed according to the customers instructions.  Amplifiers and CNC Boards must be in repairable condition without missing parts or burned traces. We don't accept AMC Amplifiers for core credit since they are not  repairable or serviceable. These AMPS are notoriously unreliable and highly prone to failure.

Spindle and Rotary cores must be returned in reasonable condition and not missing parts otherwise you may not get your full core credit back. Examples would be missing shafts, gears, drawbars or broken keyways on the shaft We will do everything possible to make sure you get your full core credit back in a timely manner. For more information or concerns about your core credit please contact our repair department at