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Glentek - Amplifier Repair Services

We offer repair services on Glentek Amplifiers. This includes most all of the brush and brushless amplifiers used on Fadal Machines. Many customers choose to send their amp in for repair and use it as a spare rather then send it in for core credit.

Most of the time it can be repaired as long as the traces on the board are not blown. Models included in our repair services are AMP-0006, AMP-0021 (newer style only) and AMP-0039, 40, 41, or 54.

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The top four main reasons to send your Glentek Amplifiers to ITS for repair.

1. Cost - Repair prices are reasonable and only a test fee will apply if "No Problem found".
2. Capability - We have the equipment and knowledge it takes to properly diagnose your amplifier.
3. Turnaround is usually one week to two weeks.
4. Warranty is six months on all repairs.

The cost to repair Glentek Amps is as follows.

1. Small Brush Amps - $350.00
2. Large Brush Amps - $450.00 (Note: We don't repair the old style Glentek AMP-0021's)
3. All Brushless Amps - $550.00

If your Amp is not repairable there is no charge. Click the link below to start the RMA process.

ITS - Amplifiers

ITS Amplifiers are not offered for repair because they don't fail. They have internal motor short protection built in. For more information about our AMPS Click Here.

AMC - Amplifiers

About AMC - Amplifiers

AMC Amplifiers are not repairable because for one reason the manufacturer scraped the part numbers off of the components to prevent them from being repaired or serviced. Also these Amplifiers have no "Internal Circuit Protection" built and are under powered making them not even worth repairing. They are the most unreliable and undesirable amplifier that you can have in your Fadal Machine. They were used in only 1 in 4 Fadal's as a second source to Glentek.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

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Not only are they not worth repairing but for the same reasons they are not worth purchasing. Our competitors love to sell these amplifiers because they are inexpensive and fail frequently. Back in the old days there was a famous saying among the service technicians at Fadal who always said "If it's black it will come back".