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AC AMP Chassis, Power Supply. & 3 ITS AMP-0039's.

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AC AMP Chassis, Power Supply, and 3 ITS AMP-0039 Kit for Fadal CNC Machines

The AC AMP Chassis, Power Supply, and 3 ITS AMP-0039 kit (Part number AMP-0038-ITS) from ITSCNC are designed to take your Fadal CNC machine to new heights. This isn't just an upgrade; it's a game-changer for your machining endeavors.

What It Does? 

The 3 Brushless AMP-0039-ITS Amplifiers with Power Supply & Chassis is a Short Protected Motor, ensuring your machine operates safely without unexpected hiccups. It also adds Overload Protection into the mix, providing an extra layer of security, allowing your CNC machine to tackle demanding tasks with ease. 

The cherry on top? Faster Response times, making your machining operations smoother and more efficient than ever.


Concerned about the lifespan of this power-packed kit? To help you have peace of mind, we back the Fadal AC AMP Chassis Power Supply up with a solid 1 Year Warranty. It's not just a warranty; it's our commitment to the quality and durability of the AC AMP Chassis, Power Supply, and 3 ITS AMP-0039 kit. 

Support at ITSCNC: Your Fadal CNC Replacement Part Allies

Choosing ITSCNC means gaining more than just a kit; it means having allies in your CNC journey. Our support doesn't end after the purchase. Whether you're facing installation challenges or have questions during operation, our team of experts is here to assist you. That’s why we should be your top contenders when trying to find reliable and consistent CNC allies.

Why Choose ITSCNC: Your Trusted CNC Upgrade Partner

So, why should you choose ITSCNC? We're not just selling products like ITS Amplifiers, but we are constantly working on crafting solutions that are tailored for Fadal CNC machines. Our products such as the Amplifier Power Supplies are offered to help you get a seamless fit, ensuring top-notch performance. 

Join the community of satisfied CNC enthusiasts who trust ITSCNC for quality upgrades.

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WarrantyOne Year Warranty
Repair PriceNo
Short Protected Motor Overload protected Faster Response
One Year Warranty
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