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Baldor (ABB) AC Brushless Motor, 8192 Line
  • Baldor (ABB) AC Brushless Motor, 8192 Line
  • Baldor (ABB) AC Brushless Motor, 8192 Line
  • Baldor (ABB) AC Brushless Motor, 8192 Line

Baldor (ABB) AC Brushless Motor, 8192 Line

Part number: MTR-0146

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ABB/Baldor AC Brushless Motor, 8192 Line.

Whats the difference between Baldor and Glentek AC Brushless Motors?

David de Caussin Jr., an original Fadal family member was directly involved with the Brushless servo system from the initial design to production with John Vasak, one of the original family members of Glentek Engineering.  We sill work with John Vasek today. His new company designs and builds all of the "ITS" brand Amplifiers.

The history of the AC motors goes back to 1997 when Fadal first introduced the brushless axis drive system. After Glentek began production, Baldor was selected as a second source supplier for the large and small versions of the brushless axis motors.

When Fadal first received the Baldor motor Dave was curious about the cost difference between the Glentek and Baldor. He tore the Baldor completely apart in order to verify nothing was of sub standard quality.  He even used a 5 ton press and pressed the windings out of the case to examine the internal differences.

The only difference  between the motors was that Baldor uses "Direct Lamination Exposure" rather than "Aluminum Housings". Exposed Laminations are more efficient when transferring heat from the windings.  Better heat removal equals better duty cycle.

The division that makes the Baldor brushless motor is not related to the brush division.  There were quality issues with the Baldor brush motors at the Clarksville Arkansas plant. The brushless motor is far superior to a brush motor based on simplicity; no internal TACH or Brushes, much simpler in design and manufacturing.
One of the main reasons for Baldors price difference is their magnitude of scale in purchasing power; it provides them tremendous cost savings that Glentek can't provide.

After Dave  left Fadal, Glentek switched from the original HEIDENHAIN encoders to a cheaper Tamagawa encoder which uses "simulated" 8192 line counts.  This is something that can affect the finish during contouring and create other problems.

All in all, we have used far more Baldor brushless motors than the Glentek motors, without any issues.

This Motor has No Core Charge.

The Baldor MTR-0146  motor is better then the Glentek MTR-0142. It also has a better price and longer warranty. The warranty is unlimited. We don't care what happens to it. If it fails during the warranty period simply take a picture of the label and send it to us. We will send a replacement motor and you can scrap the bad one. No other company can offer this warranty.

Contact customer service "The most experienced Fadal Machine Part Supplier" with any questions.

Brushless 8192 Line AC Motor by Baldor.

his "product" has been designed to meet or exceed the original factory specifications.  This was manufactured by Baldor, the Original Equipment Manufacturer of Fadal. The Spec Number on this motor is proprietary to only "ITS" and cannot be purchased anywhere else.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

New 18 Month Warranty.

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