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AC, DC Axis Amplifiers

"ITS"  Brushless Amp, 8192 Line, Short Protected
  • "ITS"  Brushless Amp, 8192 Line, Short Protected
  • "ITS"  Brushless Amp, 8192 Line, Short Protected

"ITS" Brushless Amp, 8192 Line, Short Protected

Part number: AMP-0040-ITS

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New Revision (D)


Our new AMP-0040 was designed for maximum reliability and performance. If you need to replace the Brushless Amplifier on your Fadal Machine it will cost you around $1000.00 give or take $100.00. Spend that money on a product that is designed to last. Our exclusive features include Motor Short Protection, Faster Servo Response and Better Fault Management. 

Our latest revision (D) runs the motor quieter than any amplifier on the market.

We don't offer a REMAN Version of this Amplifier becuase they never go bad. For the same reason we have never had to offer a repair service. No one else in the industry can say that about their Amplifiers.

Note: Only Glentek AMP-0029 or AMP-0040 are acceptable for Core Credit. 

NEW - Motor Short Protection

Engineered for maximum performance and reliability, features such as Motor Short Protection. Our special Motor Short Protection provides additional protection when a motor or wiring becomes shorted. 

With other amplifiers, a motor short typically destroys the output devices or melts circuit board traces, permanently damaging unprotected amplifiers. Our goal is to provide an amplifier that not only performers better but also lasts longer!

NEW - Faster Servo Response

The servo loop is 2x faster which provides better servo accuracy during motion and 2x the zero speed stiffness for more consistent positioning and backlash adjustments.

NEW - Better FAULT Management

We designed better current output conditions in three stages: continuous, peak, and fold back modes. Rather than just shutting down the amplifier after a 3 second peak current output, this amplifier automatically folds back to continuous motor output.

Other amplifiers never indicate when the amplifier is in the PEAK output; they simply shut down and light the Fault LED. This leaves you to wonder if a heavy cut was causing a fault or the amp/motor was faulty. Rather than just lighting an LED when the amplifier is in a FAULT mode, we added better functionality to help with diagnostics:

A).The FAULT LED lights up when the amplifier exceeds the continuous duty cycle to indicate starting the 3 sec 200% PEAK current output. After 3 seconds, the amplifier folds back to the 100% continuous output rating.
B).The LED goes OFF while in the continuous rating and the 3 second Peak output capability is restored.
C).The Fault signal goes LOW only when the amplifier is actually Faulted (unable to output power) or the motor/wires are shorted.


NEW 2016 REVISION, AMP-0040-ITS AC Amplifier
Designed For Maximum Performance and Reliability   


New and Unique Benefits: 

1.) Motor Short Protection

2.) Better Fault Management

3.) 2x Faster Servo Response

4.) Quieter Motor

New 12 Month Warranty.

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