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Who is ITS?

ITS - Independent Technology Service started business in 1980 repairing disk/tape drives and performing data recovery services. In 1992 ITS was chosen by Fadal to repair circuit boards and in 1994 to develop procedures and start production QC and functional testing for all the machine electronic circuit boards.

Chances are if you look on any CNC board, youll see the "ITS" stamp on it signifying that the board
was processed by us for both In-Circuit Testing and Functional Testing. This was to ensure
it meets all the original design specifications and is updated to the latest revision. Over the course of the last 22 years it ihas been estimated that ITS tested over 200,000 CNC Boards for Fadal Engineering.

Who is VMC Electric?

VMC Electric was started by David de Caussin Jr., one of the original family members of Fadal Engineering Inc.
and Vice President of Control Design until 1998. His dad is the "D" in Fadal.
ITS and VMC Electric have partnered in selling parts for Fadal Machines since 2008.
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Is IIS  associated with Fadal Machining Centers?

No, we currently have no affiliation what so ever, stated or implied, with Fadal or any of its affiliated companies. We and are not authorized by, associated with or sponsored by Fadal.

In 2008 prior to Fadal's factory auction and closing, ITS purchased Fadal's Engineering Department that included work benches, test fixtures, circuit boards, eproms, software modules and several other pallets of material. Many of our current partners and consultants worked at Fadal in the past, designing and building Fadal machines. This is part of what gives us unprecedented knowledge and experience.

What does the name "Fadal" stand for?

The name comes from the four original founders.  Francis de Caussin had 3 sons named Adrian, David And Larry. 
Early in the 1960s, they formed Fadal Engineering Inc.

In 1995 the de Caussin family sold Fadal Engineering Inc. to Giddings and Lewis and has remained
the property of G&L ever since, even though G&L was purchased by ThyssenKrupp then MAG IAS and
recently a French company Fives (Paris, France) acquired MAG in 2013.

Did Fadal always make machines?

Not always. Franciss background was originally a watchmaker.  He began working with machines and
became a machinist.  Adrian went into the computer field while David and Larry also became machinists,
working for many different manufactures in the Aerospace industry.  At the time, the Apollo Space program
was a major industry contractor.

Like many of Fadal customers, they too started in a garage doing contract machining.
It was in 1974 that Fadal started designing and making a Tool Changer retro kit for some of the early NC machines. 
In 1976 the first prototype machine began development and went into production in 1979.

What was Fadal's first machine?

The VMC45.  It was a 6 axis, 40 x 20 machine, with a dual arm tool changer.
It was one of the very first machines of its class to actually do Rigid Tapping.

What control did the VMC45 have?

Fadal started using its proprietary control from the very beginning.  Adrian de Caussin joined Fadal when
the Tool Changer project started in 1974 and with his computer background it was the perfect opportunity
to develop a new control specifically for the machinist. 
It was named the CNC88 based on the Intel 8088 Processor that came out in 1979.

Whats the difference between the CNC 88, CNC HS and the CNC MP?

The difference is basically a combination the CPU and Pendant design.
Internally, the control was designed so it could always be updated to the latest revision of
CPU hardware and software, regardless of the pendant design.

What is a 32 MP Control?

Introduced in the early 90s. It stood for 32 bit, Multi-Platform control.  With the 32 MP, the control had a normal CNC
computer plus a complete Windows processor. While running the machine, the operator could switch CNC and Windows without impacting one or the other. All 32 MPs came standard with the Gibbs software.

What is the 104D control?

The 104D control was a prototype replacement control that never made in into production.  It was a digital control using Windows 2000 and was released pre-maturely. Virtually all machines that were shipped with the 104D were either returned or received an in-field retrofit kit to change it back to the legacy CNC MP control.

Are there parts available for the 104D?

No. We do not support the 104D control. The mechanical parts are universal but not the control parts.

Did Fadal ever use a Faunc control?

Yes but not until after Fadal was first sold to G&L.  After ThyssenKrupp bought G&L the new direction was
to use a Siemens control and later came the Fanuc control. Only a small portion of Fadal machines in the field today have a Faunc or Siemens Control.The original Fadal control was by far the most popular throughout the machine production and is still the most popular today.

Do you sell parts for the Fanuc control?

No, our engineering experience is focused only on the original Fadal control.

Fadal once used the Infamatic Control. Is that still around?

No, that control was briefly introduced but never went into full production before MAG closed the Fadal factory in 2009. Machines on the factory floor at that time with the Infamatic control were all converted back to the Legacy CNC MP control and finally sold at auction.