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About I.T.S.

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About ITS

ITS - Independent Technology Service Inc. was started in 1980 by Dan Strizich repairing disk/tape drives and performing data recovery services. In 1992 ITS was chosen by Fadal Engineering to repair circuit boards and in 1994 to develop procedures and start production QC and functional testing for all the machine electronic circuit boards. This was done using GenRad In-Circuit Testers and custom designed Functional Testers.

Chances are if you look on any CNC board, youll see the "ITS" stamp on it signifying that the board
was processed by us for both In-Circuit Testing and Functional Testing. This was to ensure
it meets all the original design specifications and is updated to the latest revision. Dan Strizich the president of ITS stated "Over the course of 22 plus years it has been estimated that ITS tested over 200,000 CNC Boards for Fadal Engineering."

In 2008 ITS purchased Fadal's Engineering Department in a pre-auction sale prior. That purchase included a large quantity of Software Modules, Eproms, Circuit Boards, Test Fixtures, Work Bench's and more. This increased our already high capability to test and repair "Fadal" electronic components.

ur goal is to provide high quality OEM "Original Equipment Manufacture" parts from many of the original (suppliers) such as Baldor, Glentek and NSK, plus repairs and new replacement components for the Fadal machines. And do this at the highest value, lowest cost ratio to our customers while providing "old fashion" personable service as before.

Today, we also continue building on the expertise afforded through close relationships with many of the original equipment manufacturers, utilizing their tremendous engineering knowledge and experience. We also partner with some of the original engineers that  worked at Fadal Engineering. Nothing better than working with those who originally designed and maintained the products we offer. We truly are one of the most highly qualified companies in regards all aspects of the Fadal machine.

About VMC Electric

VMC Electric was started by David M. de Caussin, one of the original family members of Fadal Engineering Inc. and Vice President of Control Design until 1998. His dad is the "D" in Fadal. ITS and VMC Electric have partnered in selling parts for Fadal Machines since 2008. The original website will now redirect you to our new site

Machining Experience That Counts:

Starting from the most important aspect of the machine; making parts. Our background and machining experience is one of the highest in the industry. Dating back before we started building machines, as one of the premiere job shops in Southern California. Specializing in making some of the most complicated and difficult parts in the aerospace industry. Back in 1976, I personally worked on the Viking and Voyager projects plus many other projects for Hughes Aircraft company. Of course that was before CNC, at that time is was simply NC (Numerical Control) and paper tape. We also spent many days standing at the Bridgeport making parts the hard way.So not only do we know how to build machines, we know how to use them!

Engineering Experience That Counts:

- Machine and Control design, starting in 1974 at Fadal, before the very first VMC45 machine.
- Personally worked directly with the Fadal OEMs in the design/testing of many control software features and the associated electronic components i.e. motors, drives, amplifiers and CNC Control boards.
- As Vice President Control Design at Fadal, I was responsible for all the control aspects; in the design, production and maintenance, which included all software, hardware and mechanical elements.
- Directly responsible for the engineering needs of the service department, both internal service issues and distributor support; sales and service.